Pivotal Moments
From high school drop out to serial entrepreneur.

When I sat down to write this book, I thought I would be writing about entrepreneurship. I wanted to share my experiences as a female entrepreneur, the ups and downs, the challenges, the successes, the twists and turns, the details of the day to day of running companies with all that entails. But instead, during the process of writing, this book turned into something else. It turned into a memoir of sorts. During the process of writing, I discovered so many things about myself -- things that I had never thought of before.

This book is not a business manual  its the story of success and failure, of one woman's struggle to realize her dreams. It's a book about those pivotal moments in our lives that shape us. 

The way to the top is never easy. The road to becoming a successful entrepreneur is often beset by countless obstacles and challenges. In Pivotal Moments, you will follow me and my exiting journey from high school dropout to becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs.

With this book, I hope to challenge you to follow your dreams. To dare to take the step out into the unknown. I can't promise you success, but my hope is that my journey will provide you with inspiration and insight into the life of an entrepreneur. I f I could do it, you can too.



Every successful person that we see out there had a humble beginning. The people on the top had begun low. Their journey to success was undoubtedly filled with so many pitfalls, discouragement, and setbacks. The journey to success is like a pivot where one navigates between high points and low points, weaknesses and strengths, and trials and errors in order to reach a point of balance. Susanne Birgersdotter, Scandinavia’s most successful tech entrepreneur, narrates of her entrepreneurial life and all the hardships and traps she passed through in Pivotal Moments. She tells of the challenges she underwent and the things she did that catapulted her from being a school dropout to the most successful businesswoman in Sweden. If you feel everything is going south and not working, this book is the perfect motivation you need.

The book offers encouragement in its own unique way. I am not a businessman, but I found this book relevant and appealing to me. Susanne points out all the potholes one may encounter when climbing the ladder to success. After reading the book, you may also as well avoid the problems or learn how to approach them. Some of the challenges that I noted which hamper breakthrough in any endeavor include wrong friends, family issues, trusting the wrong people, and personal issues such as attitude and the lack of know-how, to list but a few. Other similar books may also have the same sentiments, but this book is so different in that it draws its lessons from real-life encounters and experiences. Nothing is as uplifting as knowing that someone else made it through the same challenges you are facing.

I loved how honest Susanne was while writing the book. You'll probably find numerous books of the same cadre which shout with sentiments like, "the ten strategies I used to become successful" but will never mention any failures and disappointments you may come across. Sussane candidly illustrates her entrepreneurial life and includes all the low moments she had been through. She leaves nothing out, not even the most embarrassing bits. She even goes a step further and adds on how her family and relationship with Peter (her husband) affected her performance in her endeavors. No one will tell you such sensitive information, yet Susanne has for the benefit of the readers of the book. Also, she includes so much information about her life, from childhood to adulthood and how the experiences affected her in her entrepreneurial journey. I strongly suggest the author writes a memoir next time, she's so good at it!

The book is so captivating and difficult to put down. It has a nice flow and it is perfectly written. I loved the bits of inspiration that the author was giving throughout the book. For instance, I learned a number of lessons like, as an entrepreneur, always learn to invest in the best and learn not to trust everybody though give everyone a try. The importance of networking with as many people as possible was also well stricken and Susanne even encourages dressing up elegantly and appropriate to the function so as to draw other people's attention to you and leave a positive and lasting impression about you in their minds.

I was really encouraged when I finally put down the book. It deserves a perfect 4 out of 4 stars for it's encouraging and motivating nature. A shout out too for the author's honesty and captivating way of writing. I personally didn't find any flaw that would make me give it a lower rating. It is professionally edited and contains no explicit scenes. I recommend it to all that need a motivation to go forward when everything is spiraling downwards.


Review by Jacktone Ogada -- Pivotal Moments


"With a brutal honesty not often seen In a Swede - or a woman- Susanne Birgersdotter takes us on the rollercoaster ride that has been her life. Today she's a noted international inspirational speaker and serial entrepreneur but getting to this point hasn't been easy"

-Judi Lembke, Journalist

Susanne Birgersdotter is a Masterpiece on the definition of an underdog. In this tell all book of where she has been. To show the world where one can go not taking no for an answer of the odds stacked against us daily, to get to our goals of happiness. Anyone that is struggling as in Entrepreneur must read this book to give you hope. Susanne Birgersdotter book is hope that ones dreams are just in reach if you follow your path in life. I highly recommend this book to anyone if they have not read it I will give them my copy. Susanne Birgersdotter changed my life she can yours.

-Todd Lawrence Davis

Susanne’s story is more than inspirational. She gives tangible advice and examples of realistic life structures that work and don’t work to demonstrate how to build success in real time. Her story is jaw dropping in itself - the ups and downs of entrepreneurship in its most extreme example, and an entrepreneur and leader willing to ride the waves of desperation and joy. Absolutely love this book, and will likely give a copy to every entrepreneur I work with from now on.

- Alessandra Desiderio

A MUST read for an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur.... it's just so real.... I'd say she couldn't express her hustle in words better than these! I would rate this book 3 out of 4, only because of the materiality it entails throughout her journey. I can keep talking about the book without breathing...i might give you the spoilers as well. Therefore, signing off my review…. Loved it and will again read it.I found myself glued to the book. 


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