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Susanne Birgersdotter is a successful entrepreneur who started her journey in the comfort of her own home. She has had fails, challenges and success on her way and her insights into the world of entrepreneurship are valuable to entrepreneurs, women in tech and businesspeople.

In a male-dominated industry and business, Susanne offers a fresh perspective on entrepreneurship.

Susanne is a respected businesswoman and was nominated for the Swedish Most Powerful Female Founder three times  in a row and also The Most Powerful Business Women and Women of the decade.

Let Susanne inspire you with her broad experiences of building a global business.

Susanne Birgersdotter started her journey in her own kitchen when she decided to design a math app to help her daughter with school. Today, Susanne is the founder of multiple companies and apps including IGOTCHA , Stockholm App Lab, SBDM invest and Birgersdotter Innovate. Susanne has a passion for helping and supporting other women in the industry and wishes to empower and encourage the ones that need it.

Susanne is author of the book “Pivotal Moments”. In her book Susanne shares her story on how she became a serial entrepeneur. The way to the top is never easy and contains many up’s and downs. These are the pivotal moments in our lives that shape us.

As a speaker Susanne Birgersdotter has received incredible feedback. Audiences and clients praise her for her raw honesty and captivating story. Her journey and advice have inspired multiple female and male entrepreneurs. Susanne is relatable yet inspiring as well as professional yet down-to-earth. 


What people say about Susanne

Susanne has had overwhelming positive response from her presentations on stage and as a business coach.Here are some examples that demonstrate her impact on global clients.


"Inspired by @birgersdotter @Tedx she talked about captaining ships even if they’re made of paper, pivotal moments. Love all with that badass women."


RogueFong, Tedx Wilmington

"Susanne is generously sharing the stages of her success, examples of overcoming obstacles & challenges. Her vision inspires & motivates and what strikes me the most is her ability being real on the stage, engaging with audience in a natural manner"

Irina Geerts Founders Institue

"Susanne is a driven and professional speaker who, with forward power and pondus, communicates her story about daring into new worlds, industries and situations. A story that leaves a feeling that it is possible"

Carina Sundberg 4-Good

"What a force of nature! The Swedish Federation of Business Owners (Företagarna) booked Susanne to speak at a large event. Susanne was a natural on stage and really captivated the audience. (Bewitched was a term that I heard several people use afterwards). Susanne told her journey as an entrepeneur in a way that, despite it being entirely unique, many could relate to. Susanne Birgersdotter was a pleasure to work with, was well prepared and always relevant to the audience at hand. Highly recommended."

Eva cooper, Regionchef företagarna

"Susanne is a true entrepreneurial soul with great ability to meet and engage. Her positive, eye-opening and entertaining insights and experiences provide both tools and inspiration. She succeeds in capturing the audience through humor, stories and examples from her own reality to illustrate major digital changes. She is a fresh fan on stage that enthusiasms and allows the audience to reflect on the fast paced digitization today and what opportunities it entails for entrepreneurship and growth."

Rebecka Forsman Dagens Industri

"Susanne Birgersdotter is a role model and truly inspiring speaker. She brings to stage the compelling story of her entrepreneurial journey and leaves the audience enthusiastic to take on new challenges."

Elisabeth Steiner, Entrepreneurship Avenue

"As a keynote speaker, in a recent Startup Ideation Bootcamp held by the Founder Institute, Susanne captured and inspired the audience with her passion and “nothing is impossible”-attitude. She’s a living proof that you don’t have to be an engineer or know how to program to become a successful founder of a tech-startup. As a top notch Founder Institute mentor, Susanne delivers valuable advise in a wide range of topics: from how to deal with the emotional roller-coaster of being an entrepreneur to hands on tips for how to attract and negotiate with investors."

Joel Sundehall Desifer AB

"You are so good. @birgersdotter, thank you for sharing your experiences and emotions with such honesty So frank and straight to the point. Suits me perfectly with the Finnish blood in my veins. You gave me the piece of the puzzle to now dare to start the company I have dreamt of since I was 12 years old."

Maritametsänoja, Kapitel8

"Susanne provides an honest account of her journey as an entrepreneur, framing her stories in a way that inspires, while still remaining relatable. She is engaging when presenting and candid in her answers to audience questions, providing excellent advice for budding entrepreneurs to build upon."

Oliver Bowley Entrepreneur