• Susanne Birgersdotter

Being in business, one is preceded by his or her personal brand. Through your growth as an entrepreneur, you will acquire a unique identity and people in your industry will tend to transact with that business persona. They will treat you for the businessperson that you are and what you represent. That is why building a positive business identity is important for anyone who wants to join and intends to stay in the business world.

We are always conscious of building a positive corporate identity. This is where we promote the company in general. Focusing on creating a positive and trustworthy name that people will learn to trust and depend on. Then, we are also bent on creating a brand for the products and services that we offer. We try to create a glowing image of the product or service that people will associate with.

But we often forgot to build a positive business persona for ourselves.

This is a big misstep. We forgot that people within the industry will be dealing with you – the CEO, the businessperson, the head of the organization. While they will look into your company and business track record for reference, they will also assess you, the person. Are they dealing with a fair person? A shrewd one? An honest one? Will they be dealing with a quick decision-maker or one that prefers to sleep on big decisions?

People in the business world will not only judge you based on your business achievements, but they will also want to know your personality. And this is all business. A good businessperson will want to know who they are dealing with so that they can adjust their offers, services, and strategies to better fit the needs of the other party.

Here are some tips on how to build a positive business persona.

  1. Dress appropriately – The most successful business personalities come with a predictable and identifiable style of dressing. Mark Zuckerberg with his gray shirts, Steve Jobs with his black turtlenecks, and Queen Elizabeth with her black handbags. Others dress more flamboyantly but keep to the same styling. Victoria Beckham is always stylish in her chic and minimalist outfits. Martha Stewart with her sensible and comfy ensemble, and Bill Gates with his sweaters. Your outfit will speak a lot of your work style, values, and personality. You can go glam and fabulous like Oprah, or sleek and stylish like Sheryl Sandberg.

  2. Be consistent – To develop an identity, consistency is a must. You cannot be nice and sweet in person and then nasty on social media. You cannot say one thing in the office and claim the opposite when talking to your investors. Inconsistency in your words, actions, and behavior will only give you a negative persona. One that people will not trust and stay away from.

  3. Develop a good work style that fits you – Your work system is a good representation of you as a person. Develop a style that you are comfortable in and one that works for your most efficiently. Some will work persistently and take on challenges aggressively, others will prefer a more cautious route. Some will prefer quick decisions and risky options, while others prefer to take time and know all the elements of the subject. Your working style is dependent on your needs and personality. However, you need to uphold great work ethics. One that is fair to all concerned, is consistent with your goals and that of the company, and is ethically, morally, and socially commendable.

  4. Value your word – Stay true to your word. Back it with action. Be careful with your promises and do not back down on any promise made. Honesty is a premium in the business world. Investors, suppliers, and creditors will bank on the word of an honest businessperson. And nothing will convince them in doing business with a dishonorable individual.

The best business persona is one that will reflect your true personality. Do not try to create an identity that is too far off and too diverse from your true self. It will only come out fake and too trying. Don’t start wearing makeup if you’re not really into it or stop putting them on when you really love it. Don’t force yourself to work the traditional nine-to-five when you’re more comfortable and productive at night. Don’t try to be anyone other than yourself.

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