• Susanne Birgersdotter

The next few days will be another momentous time of my life. I am going on a US tour to promote my book, Pivotal Moments, which was recently released on Amazon. My book tour will kick off in New York at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce. I will also be attending the Women in IT Awards Gala. The next stop is in Palo Alto, California, where I will be speaking at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in California. Then, I will be at The Human Gathering event happening in Los Angeles.

Busy days ahead, but my heart is full of gratitude and excitement. I am looking forward to every day and every event. I have been dreaming of this since I was a young girl. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have a party in New York, to celebrate success? Back then, the idea was so farfetched. As a teenage girl in Sweden, headstrong and out of school, I always knew success will be harder for me to achieve. I wasn’t excelling at school, at a time when scholastic excellence almost always equates with success. I thought I was doomed. I wasn’t only struggling in school. Employment also proved to be hard and fraught for me. I was even struggling with relationships too! Only two things came naturally to me – motherhood and stubbornness. I credit both aspects of my life to be fundamental to my success. Motherhood made me understand and see into people more deeply and it showed me, unconditional love.

Stubbornness, on the other hand, kept me going. My refusal to simply accept defeat made me get back up every time I fall. Failures may have deflated my ego, bruised my confidence and broke my heart, but it never dented my will to succeed.

I still dared dream of one day being successful. Hosting a celebratory party in the biggest city in the business world – New York. I dared dream the impossible. And it is about to become a reality. I know of struggle, and failure, and defeat. I’ve stared at their faces many days of my life. Somehow, I always find a way to overcome them. I now realized that they are part and parcel of any entrepreneur. They are part of any success story. This is the main reason I want to share my story, especially with women entrepreneurs, who I know are struggling just as I did. I want to show them that failure is not the end, it is only a hump in the road, a road sign showing the right direction, and a closed door leading to doom.

I struggled and succeeded. Business is good, for me and my family. I have been rewarded financially and emotionally. But I still see problems and challenges. While the future is bright and secured, I know that there will still be bumps and closed doors. But I have also built an arsenal of strength, business experience and acumen, and confidence in myself.

Life has been good and now, it is time for me to give back and share my knowledge and experiences with other entrepreneurs. Going global is another challenge I agreed to take on. Why can’t I stay in Sweden or Europe, where I have already accomplished a lot, found my niche, and prospered? Why do I need to conquer New York and go global? Because it is my dream. I cannot fail myself, I cannot fail that girl who once dreamed of celebrating in New York. And because this is my calling. I am doing this for the women entrepreneurs. I want to be able to reach them and show them that they are not alone in the struggle. I want to share my own experiences so that I can inspire them to try one more time, to let them know that they are bigger than their failures. Ultimately, I dream of celebrating with them.

Going global is hard. It took me years to finally have the courage to leave the comforts and familiarity of Sweden. But, thinking of all the failures and struggles I went through, I think I’ll be fine. The world is big, I know. But, so are my dreams.

Learn more of my business and life journeys from my book, Pivotal Moments, here. It is also available in Kindle from this link.