• Susanne Birgersdotter

During the heydays of our parents, businessmen and fitness don’t usually come together. People who were in business weren’t the healthiest bunch of the era. Businessmen and women at the time were smart, cunning, brilliant, engaging, gregarious. They were very seldom associated with someone fit, healthy, or athletic. In fact, not a few were overweight, constantly puffing a cigar, and overindulging with the drinks. We are luckier than our parents in many healthy ways. The information boom gave us a very good idea of the damaging effects of a decadent lifestyle. Science and medical advancements and researches showed us a better option, and an easy way to avoid the results of abusing our bodies.

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Entrepreneurship is a grueling career. If you think employment is hard, you might not be built to run a business. Compared to the nine-to-six timeline, a business person usually works sixteen hours a day. They don’t have to report to their desk five days a week, they travel from one desk to another seven days a week.

In today’s fast-paced world of business, entrepreneurs must be fit enough to keep up with the demands of running a business. It is normal for business leaders to travel around the world non-stop, deal with jetlag and time zone changes. Their work hours extend long after the last meeting or presentation. It is not unusual for CEOs to work up the wee hours in the morning, rehashing their speeches, working through reports, or finalizing business plans. An entrepreneur doesn’t have to train like an athlete or eat like a model. I think the key to achieving a great balance between keeping healthy and enjoying the things you love is moderation. I myself enjoy a glass or two of wine to close the day or celebrate a win. I look forward to a good meal and to every chance to indulge in a lazy day.

But I also make sure that I deserve the drink, the great meal and that extra hour of sleep. I include a lot of fresh fruits and veggies into my diet. I avoid fat and sugar, and I stay hydrated. I make sure to meet my workout goals, get enough sleep, and keep away from stressors.

Here are some easy hacks for entrepreneurs to keep healthy despite their busy schedules;

*Avoid sugary, fatty, and processed foods. Learn how to cook. The culinary art will make you appreciate the food you eat, its health benefits, and the variety of tastes you can explore.

*Drink a lot of water. Always bring a bottle with you. I'm not the best one to say this :) but I'm still working on it.

*Take down times as often as you can, more if necessary.Maintain a daily routine – same time to wake, sleep, eat, and do things. Routines eliminate decision making and give comfort on the familiarity.

*Break a sweat, every day. If you can’t go to the gym, walk to the office or skip the elevators. Too cold for your morning run? Half an hour of yoga, hip-hop dance, or meditation can do the trick.

*Don’t work inside your bedroom. If you’re conditioned to sleep and not work while in bed, you will have better control of your sleeping routine. This is the best way to avoid tossing and turning in bed that rub off a good night’s sleep.

*Find a creative hobby – like photography, baking, or music. Indulging in creative pursuits makes you happy, motivated, and accomplished. A positive outlook promotes wellness and a better attitude towards work and challenges. My favorite one is cooking, I love spending time in the kitchen.

*Learn to say no. No to unnecessary partying or night outs, no to stressful business partners, no to overbearing clients, no to impossible goals.

*Build healthy relationships. Having harmonious relationships with the people around you is important. The love and support of family and friends are essential for entrepreneurs who need people they can confide in, laugh with, and enjoy the great things in life with.