• Susanne Birgersdotter

Positive People to Surround Yourself With.

The company you keep will determine your probability of success. Their behavior, outlook, habits, and values will eventually rub unto yours. I am a people person and I generally go along with all types of people. When I meet new people, I always look for something interesting to learn from them – new ideas, new point-of-view, a refreshing sense of humor. I enjoy being around people – communicating, socializing, learning.

But I also choose the company I keep close. The great Chinese philosopher Confucius once said:

“If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.”

This is a very profound statement and observation, one that I have taken into my system and one that has helped me make the right decisions in life. Aside from smarts, I also apply this statement to other positive and admirable characteristics like perseverance, positive attitude, creativity, open-mindedness, and courage. I’ve always come back to this statement whenever I need guidance involving relationships, a boost of confidence, or an answer to the quintessential question – “What am I doing here?” or “What am I doing with my life.”

The rule of averages applies to groups or associations. If half of the people in the room are enthusiastic and the other half are pessimists, you’ll probably end up on the fence. Do not let yourself be dragged down by the associations you make. Instead, aim to leverage the great traits of the people that surround you!

Surround yourself with people with these positive characteristics and traits;

The Learners – These individuals are always hungry for new ideas, innovations, and discoveries. They are the ones who will detect problems and find solutions. Nothing is impossible for this group of people; they will just work to find the answer, learn the skill, or devise a solution.

The Dreamers – These people can show you how limitless your possibilities are, that your limit is your imagination. They will let you realize that nothing is really impossible.

The Passionate – A passionate person will show dedication, commitment, and grit for things he or she loves or believes in. They are steadfast in their ideals and ideas. It is great to have at least one passionate person in the company.

The Hard Workers – This group of people will bring in a lot of hard work in your company. They will relentlessly and tirelessly go after goals and finish the job. Being around hard workers will help you realize how easy tasks are when you put your heart into accomplishing things.

The Curious – This fascinating group of people will bring in an endless amount of ideas and lightbulb moments. They do not stop at the knowing, they will go deeper into the whys and hows of everything until they get a holistic understanding of it.

The Adventurous – They will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, try new things, experience the unknown, and dare the fates. Life is an adventure, and so is your business. Nothing will happen if you stay in the comforts of your little world. Success will only come after you’ve explored, took risks, and ventured out of your cocoon.

The Teachers – They are the mentors and listeners. Everyone needs a mentor; someone they can consult with when faced with a dilemma. Someone who will listen to their ideas and opinions without prejudice. And someone who act as your sounding board and tell you when your product, design, or idea sucks.

The Optimists – It is hard to have a bad day when you’re with the optimists. They will see the glass half full, the opportunity after a closed door, the learning after a failure.

The Doers – These people can be counted on getting things done. They are proactive and will never back down on any task or challenge. They will get right into the action and get things done.

The Cheerleaders – Everyone needs a cheerleader in their life. Someone who will support you and cheer you on during your trying times. Success is easier to come by when somebody believes in you like a cheerleader.