• Susanne Birgersdotter

The book I have been writing is based on my experiences of going from a high school dropout - to becoming a successful entrepreneur and also helping other entrepreneurs realise their dreams.

More and more women are moving into entrepreneurship and we face unique challenges. In my new book Pivotal Moments, I share my experiences as a female entrepreneur - the ups and downs, how I overcame the pitfalls along the way and survived the failure - and what I learned working with investors over the past decade or so. One important lesson I’ve learns is that VCs praise men for being ‘young and promising’, while female founders with similar backgrounds are criticized for being ‘young, but inexperienced’.

My aim is to inspired women to overcome these challenges, to dare more, to take that big step towards realising their dreams - and to know that even when it gets tough you can be tough as well - and win. Additionally, I am now setting up a new community network for women eager to spread their wings, pursue their dreams, and become the entrepreneur they know they can be. There is a place for women from around the globe to come together to share their experiences, find support, and be part of an incredible journey.