• Susanne Birgersdotter

Fear is crippling, we all know that. In life and in business, fears are aplenty. Every one of us has our own fears. Some of us could be afraid of heights, the others of the dark. Many are afraid of losing, and some fear the unknown. I am scared of letting people down. We have our own ways of dealing with fear. While most will evade the things that we’re afraid of, some will conquer them head-on.

What separates the successful from the rest is their ability to conquer fear.Many of us will choose the familiarity, constancy, and security of our comfort zones over the unknown, unventured, and untraveled paths of life. We can easily avoid our fears by carefully creating a life that is devoid of them. Fear of flying? Travel by car. Afraid of spiders? Live in the city. Afraid of being turned down? Do not propose.

Avoiding fear is easy. But it is also very limiting. It cuts us off from the rest of the world, from the possibilities in life, and from success. Inside our cocoon, we laze in the comforts of knowing everything. We wake up and sleep on schedule. We eat similar food, meet the same people, and watch the same TV shows. We go to work doing the same things over and over, expecting around the same pay and looking forward to retiring from the same job. Comfortable, constant, unexciting. But, why rock the boat when it’s floating, right? The successful will always face their fears head-on. You can expect a lot of fears in the business world. Yet, there is no room for fears in business success. Here are some of the most common fears that are stopping people from starting a business and hindering businesspeople from achieving their goals. -The fear of failure – Nobody likes failure, but some will take the risks, nonetheless. And those who do are the ones who move forward with success. What successful people know is that failure is part of success, and the only way to get to the goal is by mastering this fear. -The fear of change – Going into business entails a lot of change – in lifestyle, work hours, and outlook. If one wants to be successful in business, one should be prepared and adaptable to a lot of changes. The most successful businesses are those that are innovative and welcome and embrace change. -The fear of being uncomfortable – Starting your own business will get you into a lot of uncomfortable situations. You will need to talk to strangers, learn new things, double your workload, and might have to make do of a lower income. You will also have to do some things that you normally hate doing – ask for funding, ask for business, manage people, doing the books. Successful people don’t like doing most of these things too! But, they do it anyway. -The fear of being wrong – What is my idea is a flub? What if nobody buys it? What if the marketing strategy is wrong? There will be a lot of decisions to make when you’re in business. Big decisions that could kill your business, make people jobless, and you going bankrupt. These are scary moves, and the weak will easily chicken out. What successful people do is to know everything they can about the concern on hand and consider all the risks, consequences, and rewards. This way, the risks are lowered, and the chances of success are increased.

The fear of the unknown – The whole future is unknown. While many anticipate good things to come, some are scared of what the future has to offer. While we can’t control the future, we have a hand in shaping it as to how we want it. If we want higher sales, we can create effective campaigns. If we want successful business expansions, we do proper research and study on expanding operations and possible locations. We can never have total reassurance of success, but we can always nudge the meter of the possibilities towards our favor.

The fear of letting people down – This is my biggest fear. I hate letting people down. Leading an organization entails having the confidence and drive that will make your people trust you. I don’t mind making a mistake or failing at something. But I’m scared of looking into people’s eyes and seeing their disappointment of me. I try to mitigate this fear by nurturing real relationships with the people I work with. This way, they see me as a person too, not just as the CEO.

What are your fears in business? What’s stopping you? Let’s discuss! If you haven’t yet, join the successful sisterhood here.

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