• Susanne Birgersdotter

Self-care is a lifestyle. Where you’re committed to it, it’ll happen. No busy schedule, no urgent matters, no all-important meeting will stop you from taking care of yourself. Self-care is not only about taking a break. It is also making sure that you’re physically able, emotionally well, and mentally fit. So, you take care not only of your physical wellbeing but also of your mental state.

Self-care will keep you cognizant of your body’s needs. You know what is good for you and aware of when your body needs a break. With self-care, you are being proactive with your health, taking the steps to ensure your wellness and maintain a balance that will eventually avoid serious health issues and problems in the future.

Sustain your Creativity – The constant toll of running a business can be draining – physically, mentally, and even emotionally. Keeping up with the daily routine can create a monotony that will take away spontaneity, creativity, and fun in doing things. Stepping back to rejuvenate, relax, and refresh our mind and body will boost inventiveness and imagination, leading to inspired designs, smart solutions to daily problems, and brilliant business decisions.

Starting and running a business is a marathon, not a sprint. If you plan to stay longer in the race, you must pace yourself. To survive the long haul, one has to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.