• Susanne Birgersdotter

We are our own’s biggest enemy, no doubt about it. Fear and self-doubt can cripple even the most committed and hardest working person. Self-doubt, if we let it, will seep into our psyche, corrodes our self-esteem, lowers our confidence, and throw havoc over our plans and dreams. If one is to succeed, one must first crush self-doubt.

But, how will you do it if you’ve been living under its cloud for so long?

A lot of talent, hard work, and great ideas go to waste because of self-doubt. If you are to succeed in business, you must banish all uncertainties and hesitancies in your life. You must believe in yourself, in your ideas, and in your ability to put things together. Free yourself from the cloud of self-doubt by looking at things objectively, avoiding negativity, and accepting failure as part of the process. Here are seven easy steps that can help you conquer your self-doubt.

  1. Facts and Numbers

Feasibility studies, objective planning, and intensive research will present a more credible and clearer view of your plans. Facts and hard numbers are great tools to help you erase indecision and self-doubt. Find them and use them.

  1. Stop Negativity

Stop indecision, vacillation, and other negative thoughts the soonest. Thoughts of failure, committing a mistake, or missing the target are scary and crippling. It is also useless and unproductive. Instead of languishing on negativity, turn your focus on the positive aspects – the possibilities, the opportunities, and the wins! Take criticisms positively and bank on your values to always strive for good results.

  1. Reevaluate Failure

Everyone hates to fail. We associate failure with losing and inadequacy. But in reality, failure is an essential aspect of the success equation, a step along the way, a tool that will bring us closer to the goal. Failures give us a better understanding of things, lead us to better options, and strengthen our resolve to succeed.

  1. Don’t Stop Learning

Do not stop honing your skills and learning new ones. Expertise will not only improve your knowledge base and productivity, but it will also boost your self-esteem, thus erasing self-doubt. Learning new things will lead to new ideas and open new opportunities.

  1. Run Your Own Race

We all tend to compare ourselves to others. Most of us were raised to competitive – school systems grade and rank students according to performance, the society is kinder to those who are presumed better, and we even at home, elder siblings get more privileges. True winners and successful people do not compete with others, only with themselves.

  1. Celebrate Successes

It might not always be clear and apparent, but as long as you are trying and not giving up, you are succeeding. That one customer you signed up today, one kilo off your weighing scale, or that fun dinner you enjoyed with your daughter are small milestones that need to be celebrated. Do not wait for the big achievements, every day is an achievement. So, celebrate each day and every accomplishment with a glass of wine, a good bath, or a slice of cake, however you like celebrating. After all, celebrations banish the dank air of self-doubt.

  1. Have a Friend

We all have dark days where nothing seems to work our way. We start questioning our capabilities, are we good enough? Do we have what it takes to get the work done, run a business, be a leader, succeed in life? When all is lost, it is good to have someone you can always talk to. A friend, a coach, a colleague, or a mentor. Someone you trust and who will understand and help you sort your way out of the dark.

You are your worst enemy. But, you are also your best ally. It is your choice, to be the enemy or the ally. Self-doubt is a human trait; we all get that from time to time. But, if you want to succeed, you must strive to get over it the soonest. Reinforce positivity with past successes, talk to the right people, and know that failure is temporary. Be prepared to be amazed by the wonderful potentials you will uncover once you’ve conquered your self-doubt.