• Susanne Birgersdotter

How can the world be the same, yet very different? Give an apple to five people and you will have five different reactions. One might be overjoyed with the unexpected gift, another nonchalant about it. One recipient might thank you for it, while the other will ask for an orange.

How we see our world will determine we live our life.

From the eyes of a child…

We all started with an unadulterated look at life – glee at life, excitement at anything new, pride in all we do. As a child, we did not have the crippling fears that keep us from venturing out of our comfort zones. Instead, we look forward to new things as an exciting adventure. We did not cover or alter our bodies to hide imperfections, we accept them and love ourselves no matter what. Everything was perfect, happy, and amazing.

Fears, doubts, turmoil…

As we grow older, we also soak in some of the aspects that surround us. Our parents, our home, the society we live in all contribute to our upbringing. We start comparing ourselves to the models we see in magazines. We try to copy the lifestyle of the rich and famous. We beat ourselves at school trying to make it to the top. We set standards for ourselves. And those standards are often too high, impossible, and unattainable. This is where negativity starts to seep in. We fear of failure to meet the expectations of our parents and of our friends. We start to doubt our abilities. We struggle with self-worth, identity, and pride. So, we turn into our shells, take a defensive stance, and start seeing the world as something that is out to destroy us.

We attract what we project…

Positive thoughts lead to positive results. Good deeds bring good karma. Optimism leads to action and getting things done. It is no wonder why the givers get the most gifts, the go-getter has the most finds, and the optimistic have the best results. Winners are those who look forward to a having great day no matter what, who see a lesson and not a failure in every setback, who appreciate their gifts no matter how little, and who celebrate life for life itself. Losers lose the game of life without even trying.

We naturally gravitate to positive energy and repulse from the negative. The brightest people get the most attention. If we want life to give us success and happiness, we must first embrace the aspects that attract success and happiness.

The power within…

We all are given different lives. We have different abilities, talents, upbringing, social status, challenges, and gifts. You might look at your neighbor and see a luckier person – richer parents, a better husband, a better career. Or see celebrities with lavish and exciting lifestyles and wish you are like them. You might even envy the street sweeper and his simpler life.

And then, we also have all the positive aspects to look at. We have our lives to live. We have a career, or we can start one. We might not have the extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous, but we have our families, pets, and friends that make our life beautiful.

Everyone has the power within, a choice – to be sorry for your predicament and focus on the things that are missing in your life or to see the glass half full, appreciate life, and make it better. We have the power to choose how we spend our day, how we tackle a setback, and how we face a challenge.

Embrace positivity…

It is not always easy to keep a positive outlook. Life can sometimes be too much – too many problems, too much pressure, too little to go on. However, we can also see people who overcame the most tragic predicaments, who triumphed over the dreadful circumstances and have turned the worst aspects of their lives into steppingstones to success. They are living proof that with the right mindset, everything is possible.

The right mindset to success is seeing the glass half full. And we can train our minds to embrace positivity. It may be uncertain at first, but, given time and practice, we can surely adapt to the brighter side of life. Here are some steps to help you train your mind to maintain a positive outlook:

  1. Squash negative thoughts with something positive. Substitute negative thought with positive ones right away. Do not let unpleasantness creeping into your mind stay. Shove it instantly with happy thoughts and positive visualizations.

  2. Resolve negativity sources. Confront the sources of your negative energies. Unhappy relationships? Stressful employment? Disappointing career? Abusive network? Accept the things that you cannot change, forgive even before it is asked, and remember, you always have the choice to walk away.

  3. Always search for silver linings. Do not wallow in failure. Instead, look at it as a lesson learned or as an opportunity to start anew. Do not lament on the things you have lost, instead, be thankful for the experience and cherish what is left of it.

  4. Choose to be happy. Just decide happiness over anything else. Stop sweating the small stuff, forget perfection, enjoy the rain! Life will dole out unpleasantries every now and then. No use complaining about it. Just roll with the punches and choose to be happy.

  5. Be grateful. Appreciate your gifts and be thankful. Start each day by counting five things you are grateful for – the amazing person you are waking up next to, the food in the fridge, or the grumpy cat already hollering for her breakfast. At night, recount five good things that happened during the day. You’ll be surprised how blessed you are!

Happiness is in our hands and we can achieve it by leading a positive life. What’s blocking you from achieving your dreams? Let’s discuss! If you haven’t yet, join the sisterhood of positive, dynamic, and successful entrepreneurs here.