• Susanne Birgersdotter

In our quest to succeed, we often collect and list items that we think we need. We are focused on what we are missing, how to get it, and how to achieve it. We rarely look at things that are cluttering our space. The excess baggage that is hogging our mind, attention, and everyday life can be as harmful as not having the elements we need. And sometimes, they are the ones that are holding us back from success.

Here are some of the most common distractions that can hold you back from achieving your dreams.

The perfect timing – The most successful people do not waste time waiting for the perfect time or the sign. They simply start doing what they want and need to do. They adapt to the times and make the timing perfect. Don’t wait for your children to have grown up, to have the ideal funding, or for the perfect partner. Start your business now.

Your comfort zone – Getting out of your comfort zone is the only way to achieving great success. The best tools to success – learning, changes, and realizations lie outside of your cocoon. The road to success is never comfortable, and only those who are brave enough to step out of their comfort zones will have a shot at it.

Your unhealthy lifestyle – If you are going to take of a business empire, you’ll need a healthy body and an active mind. You need to take care of yourself first before you can take on the challenges of running a business. Forget bad habits and unhealthy choices if you are to develop the longevity and athleticism of a long-distance runner and the cunning of a chess player. You have to take care of yourself.

Toxic people around you – You are the product of the people around you. Drop the people who are dragging you down with negativity and bad habits. They are not helping you achieve your dreams. Instead, surround yourself with positive individuals – like-minded people who will support your quest for success.

Your fear of failure – The fear of failure is crippling. Not just in business, but in every aspect of our life. If we are to succeed in business, we have to accept failure and understand its workings. It is part of entrepreneurship, and we will encounter failure sooner or later. We just have to prepare for it, boldly face it, and work hard to overcome it.

Your fixed mindset – The business world is ever-evolving. What is selling today might be trash tomorrow, and what is worthless today could be gold in the future. Technology, innovation, political climate, social trends, economic conditions, and a whole lot more can change the business landscape in a flash. If you are to succeed, you have to keep learning, adapting, and keeping an open mind to change.

Perfection – Forget perfection. Many think that perfection is the peak of greatness and creativity. But the truth is, it is nearly impossible to achieve perfection. It might take years for one to perfect a product, a design, or a plan. You could have done a lot with those years. Start with a great product, idea, or design. Improve as you go.

Your need for total control – It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to try holding on to control. Starting small, many entrepreneurs would naturally take on as many roles in the business as possible. But, as the business grows, you have to learn how to delegate and make the best use of your time. Do not be bogged down with responsibilities you can easily pass on to a partner or an employee.

Some of your goals – It is hard to move forward if you have too many life goals to follow. Having too many goals is distracting, which could lead to too many tasks, too little attention, mediocre results, and stress. Focus on a few related goals and work hard on it. Add new goals as you complete old ones.

Your need for approval – The original will always get the largest slice of the cake. If you are to get ahead of the pack, be original, authentic, confident. Stop trying to please everybody. You simply cannot. So, follow your heart, be the original, be you.