• Susanne Birgersdotter

Whether you’re launching a startup or seeking funding here is some tips! The truth is that it’s harder for women to get business funding than men. “I’ve been in more than 80 meetings with venture companies in the past four years, and I can count on one hand the number of women in these rooms.” But even if its a challenge I can see that there is more and more companies over the last several years that are interested in funding women-owned and managed businesses. You need to have a good story and really belive in your ide'a and companie like its your baby. The investors need to understand your vision and know that you're passionate about it.Investors will invest in you as a leader and founder and in your team. They need to believe that you and your team can do it. You need to show the investors that you and your team belive in the goals and that you are able to reach them.

A business partner or co-founder can be really effective for your business to grow, alone is not strong and you can't be good at everything. I'ts also better with different opinions to reach success. Be organized and keep track of your numbers, if you are not good at counting yourself then make sure to quickly hire someone who is, it is among the first thing needed in a company that is going to raise money.

Never ever give up, learn to "kill your darlings" and get back on that horse again even after you failed, because failure will always make us better bussines owner and we will grow from it.