• Susanne Birgersdotter

We often come across the term ‘women empowerment’ or ‘empowered women’ and have a good idea of what it means. We might associate the phrase to career women, influencers, women of substance, and women who have attained a curtained level of success.

But does woman empowerment really mean? What is it to be a truly empowered woman?Empowerment is the act or process of increasing the capacity of a person to make choices and to use and transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes. Women empowerment is the process of increasing women’s recognizance of their options and letting them know the possibilities that are open to them. It is turning the I can’t to I can, the I will never be to I will be. Women empowerment is showing them the roads to success and inspiring them to create their own roadmaps too.

An empowered woman is not the lady who have the ways and means to get all she desires. Nor is it the lady in a high-ranking position. Both can be empowered, but those are not the embodiment of empowerment.

An empowered woman is a fighter. First, she will fight the woman-repressive patriarchal society that has raised her. Banish dictums and ideas that relegate her to the backseat. Then, she will have to fight the current society where remnants of the male-controlled concepts are still prevalent. She will fight gender inequality and discrimination. She will fight masculine traditions and will tirelessly try to break the glass ceiling.

An empowered woman is not the one who wields power. She is the one who knows her power and uses it to advance herself, realize her goals, and help her community. She is also aware of her role to young girls and struggling women looking up to her. She serves as an inspiration and her success will be celebrated by the entire community. Her breakthroughs will encourage others to gather up the courage and take the leap. And when she fails, her followers will be watching her rise again. Cheering her on and supporting her.

The ultimate factor of women empowerment is women. As the primary caregivers in most societies, women have the power to start instilling the ‘can do’ attitude to young girls. Being an empowered woman is already a powerful tool to show the women around us that everything is possible, that we are not inferior because of our gender alone, and that success is given to those who are willing enough to work for it.

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