• Susanne Birgersdotter

In many of my dialogues, symposiums, conferences, and events where I’ve been invited to speak, one of the most common questions for me as a entrepreneur that keeps coming up is failure. Am I afraid of it? How do I deal with it? How to avoid failure? And, what will I do if I fail?

Entrepreneurship is something that you simply must experience to truly understand its complexities. A seasoned entrepreneur will never ask about failure. They simply know that it is part and parcel of doing business. I also understand why most people are afraid of failure. In the polite and conformist society, failure means things not going your way, bad planning, inadequacy, mediocrity, or being not good enough. We are programmed to believe that success comes to those who follow the rules, do the drill, and do not complain. This system works for some, especially those who already have the upper hand. But definitely not in business.