• Susanne Birgersdotter

Success is relative to the individual. What success to you might not be the same for the other person. However, how you achieve success is usually determined by your personality, purpose, and traits. Some of us are programmed to succeed, these are the people who have the knack of putting together things and make them work. And then, there are those who found success so elusive. The people who worked so hard, dreaming that one day they found success. But failure will get to them first, always.

Why is it that some people are so successful? What makes them tick?

Maybe, it’s the way they do it. Their way of life, their outlook, and their way of doing things. Here are some of the most common traits or things to many of the successful women I know. We can steal some of their ideas, views, and attitude and apply it into our own.

.They have their own definition of success

Successful women do not define success by comparing themselves to other women. She doesn’t run against others; she only competes against herself. She knows that the success of others is not a dent against her own because hers is totally different. A successful woman defines success as to what makes her happy and works hard to fulfill her dreams.

They know what they want to do, and go 100% into it

Women who rise above the ranks know exactly what they want to do, where they are good at, and where they can make the most difference. They will stumble a few times while they search for it, but once they found their niche, they will go after it as a hungry dog goes after a bone. The love, dedication, and time they put into their work, their craft or profession will eventually lead to success.

They take care of themselves

Successful women know how to take care of themselves. They value their health – physical, mental, and emotional and take self-care seriously. Taking care of their wellbeing is a high priority. They eat healthy, exercise regularly, actively avoid stressors and bad habits. They avoid burnouts by taking time offs, vacations and me-times.

Perfection is not part of their plan

Although they aim for the best, successful women also know that perfection is impossible and will only hinder their focus from achieving the real goal. They will launch a great product and will work continuously work to improve it. They also apply the same philosophy to themselves. They know that they aren’t and won’t be perfect, but love themselves anyway, flaws and all.

They know failures are part of the journey

A missed target, a lost client, or a failing product is just a part of the journey to success. Successful women anticipate and prepare for the curve balls that are certain to come. While a win will get them one step closer to the goal, a failure will redirect them from going astray or lead them to a better path.

They are eager learners

The most successful people invest time, money, and effort on learning and education. They never stop learning and education themselves. They take every opportunity to gain new insights, learn new concepts, and to widen their skillsets. Self-enrichment give leaders and entrepreneurs new ways of solving problems, new ideas, and more business opportunities.

They celebrate every achievement

No feat is too small not to celebrate. They recognize and celebrate every achievement – big or small. And they also choose to celebrate it their own way. A deal closed could be celebrated with an indulging massage and spa, completing the annual reports can be capped with a weekend getaway, or hitting the sales target could mean an extra hour of sleep.

They are never done

Hitting targets, closing deals, or launching a business are goals, and successful women are never out of goals. Once a goal is achieved, a new one comes up. Once the product is launched, work on the its 2.0 version starts. Successful people know their achievements, but they also know that there are still more that needs to be done – new products, new businesses, new endeavors. They are simply never done.

They aren’t afraid of taking risks

Achievers do not thrive in bubble wraps. They make their way out of their comfort zones. And they do it methodically. Calculated risks are part of success and the successful aren’t afraid of taking some blind leaps. They believe that greater risks come with higher wins. If there’s one thing a successful person hate, it’s mediocrity. So, they take risks. The failures will only make them do better on the next one.

They have great partners or stay single

Personal relationships are important to successful people. They know the value of a great support system; thus, they cultivate real, open, and loving relationships with their family, friends, and partners. Successful women know they can either have a supportive husband, boyfriend, or partner, or one who will only distract and pull them down. They don’t gamble with a distraction.

They are grateful givers

Successful people know how to count their blessings. They recognize the people who have helped them succeed and find ways to give back. They share company earnings with deserving employees, donate to causes, and use their time, platform, and effort to help out others.

They help others succeed

Successful women are always willing and ready to help other women succeed too. They are well aware of the struggles of being a woman in business, and they would gladly help out to ease the burden of the others, most especially those who are struggling. A little push in the right direction, a few encouraging talks, introductions to the right people, and mentorship can do a lot to help a newbie entrepreneur get on her way.