• Susanne Birgersdotter

I learned to use my bad experiences and turn them into something valuable. Without failure, you won’t grow. All the mistakes I made along this journey can benefit other people. But I want to warn others who are like me and suffer from the being nice complex. Know your worth, and monetize it. People would come to me and ask for advice and consulting services, expecting that I would provide this for free. But they would make the money in the end and you will end up with nothing. It’s easy to be flattered but compliments don’t pay the bills.

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. As an entrepreneur, we connect to others via our ideas. We hold the power to make the world a better place by inspiring others and creating innovative products that make life better. My joy comes from inspiring and helping others. Money is great to have and it can certainly make life easier and more comfortable, but in the long run, it’s what you do for others that matters.

In order for women to establish ourselves in business, we need to dare to take more risks. We have to aim higher and be less frightened of failure. There are too few women at the top. And the sad fact is that we as women become very competetive amongst ourselves when we reach success in business. It’s almost as if there’s a limited amount of space for us. But this is false. If there’s room for more men, there’s room for women too. But power and influence won’t be given to us. It has to be earned and in some cases, taken.

Don’t expect support to come from your closest friends or even your family. Sometimes it’s strangers or people you’d least expected that will come out and support you. And social media won’t replace a face to face meeting, no matter how many followers you have. When you’re on your way up, when you’re struggling, most people won’t help you or build you up. But once you’re at the top, the same people that wouldn’t click like on a Facebook post or connect you with one of their business contacts will expect the world from you.