• Susanne Birgersdotter

Today is all about. Define your goals. Your goals should be written out, though not etched in stone, so you can stay open to new business opportunities. .

Create a to-do-list. Create a calendar and make sure that each day you do something that moves you closer to goal achievement.

Accept challenges. This tip, from Claudette Christian, co-chair of a global legal practice, comes straight from Forbes®. Women sometimes face challenges that their male counterparts don’t face. Ms. Christian told Forbes, “At each stage of my career, I bit off more than others thought I could chew.” As a woman in the world of business, don’t let yourself be defined by the expectations of others. Bite off more than you can chew and gladly accept the new challenge. Network. If you’re working at a large company, seek out the sharpest minds – the creative, driving forces. If you own your own business, reach out to others in your community or your profession and build a network that can propel you to success.

Maintain your confidence. You’ll hit a wall now and then. Learn all you can from these missteps and maintain confidence in yourself and your skills. We often learn our best lessons from our worst mistakes. And just because you failed this time, it does NOT make you a failure. Confidence is essential in order for women to grow careers or businesses.